Blue Planet Network

Helping to facilitate clean water solutions all over the world.

The Challenge

"Clean Water For All." Something that we, in America, often take for granted. I know that I don't often think about where my water comes from when I fill my cup or take a shower. But many of the world's peoples do not have access to this basic human right. That's where Blue Planet Network comes in.

Blue Planet Network is unique among other organizations in the WASH sector (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene), pursuing big dreams to see water poverty eliminated. They connect many different parties to see the work done. And all of collaboration needs a digital space in which to operate. That's where I came in.


  • I worked directly with Blue Planet Network to identify and develop a number of user workflows that then translated those workflows into individual page views, forms, and other manifestations.
  • The project was extremely complex in that there was not much in the way of precedent in the sector. That gave us a lot of flexibility to design great workflows, but it was also difficult at times to rein in the scope of the project.
  • We took advantage of Telerivet to help teams in the field send metric data into the system via SMS, often straight from the water projects themselves! Then, that data was charted via HighCharts on an individual water project's page, making it clear to water project organizers how things were progressing.

Source code is not currently available.


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • PHP 5.6
  • JavaScript (ES5)
  • jQuery 1.13
  • Zend Framework 1
  • Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.2
  • Git
  • AJAX
  • Apache 2
  • Amazon Web Services
  • MySQL 5.6
  • Grunt
  • Adaptive Design
  • I built callbacks in the codebase to respond to Telerivet API webhooks when data was sent via SMS in the field.

  • Highcharts.js


About 3.8 years
(2012 to 2016)

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